Life at the Women’s College might mean a lot of time spent studying, but there’s a lot of fun to be had too. Students quickly discover that one of the great advantages of living within the University grounds is that they have direct access to an almost limitless range of sporting, cultural and social activities. There are many activities during the year that the students are involved in, including:

  • The Intercollegiate Rosebowl competition which provides a tradition of intercollege rivalry. Hotly contested events include netball, tennis, hockey, rowing, soccer, basketball, athletics and swimming.
  • The Palladian Cup is the annual cultural competition between the Colleges. Throughout the year the Colleges compete against each other in oration, debating, vocal, instrumental, art, drama and dance.
  • Many performances throughout the year including, Cabaret, choir, Intercol Orchestra and drama performances as part of the Phoenix Players
  • Social sport including rugby sevens and the Intramural Competition
  • A Gold Pass to Sydney University Sport and Fitness, which has two facilities within a five-minute walk of Women’s



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