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The Women’s College welcomes applications from female students who are enrolled in full-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses at the University of Sydney. Undergraduate and postgraduate students may apply for residency, or as Affiliate students (non-residential, day students). Applications are offered on merit throughout the year and Affiliates may join the College community at any time.

Applications are now open for the 2019 Academic Year and the Semester 2 2018 Affiliate Student Program. Shortlisting for Interview and placement for these entry points will commence in May this year. The Semester 1 2018 Affiliate Student Program remains open.

Contact the Dean of Admissions if you are interested in residency for the 2018 Academic Year. Places come available from time to time, and there are opportunities for residency in Semester 2 each year.

Step 1

Step 2
Provide to the College

Step 3

Step 4
Once the College has received your completed application (steps 1-3), we will contact you.

Enquiries and College tours
Please contact the Dean of Admissions, Ann Armstrong, (e) [email protected] (t): +61 (0)2 9517 5018.

Referee Reports
One referee must be from an academic source. For example:

  • school principal
  • senior teacher, boarding head, careers advisor
  • university lecturer, tutor or thesis supervisor

The second referee may include:

  • second academic referee
  • medical or legal practitioner
  • employer of more than twelve months’ standing
  • family friend of more than ten years’ standing
  • Women’s College alumna

Referee reports from family members are not accepted.

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