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The Women’s College is an independent institution and receives no funding from the University, state or federal governments, or religious entities. Thanks to the foresight and generosity of alumnae, parents and friends of the College, the benefits of a College-enhanced education for many young women have been made possible through their donations and bequests.

If you have specific requirements you would like to discuss in relation to your gift, it may be helpful to contact the College in advance. For example, you may wish to leave a bequest to improve facilities, endow scholarships, or for a general philanthropic purpose.

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If you have further questions, please email the Philanthropy Coordinator, Romy Fung or phone +61 2 9517 5031. Your inquiry will be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.

The Voss Bequest Society

The Voss Bequest Society honours the legacy of the late Dr. Harriette Martha Voss [EXTON: 1908-1914, roll no. 91] and Dr. Dorothy Muriel Sear [VOSS: 1909-1914, roll no. 99] who jointly held the role of Senior Student in 1914. Harriette and Dorothy later became sisters-in-law when Harriette married Dorothy’s brother Dr. Paul Ernest Voss.

Together, Ettie and Dorothy dedicated their lives to helping others through their passion for medicine and their service to the community. In this spirit, we recognise the generosity and vision of our bequest donors who help secure the bright future of The Women’s College as the premier institution for female leadership.

Voss Bequest Society Membership

Members of the Voss Bequest Society join an important circle of life members and legacies committed to advancing The Women’s College. The Voss Bequest Society meets annually in the Principal’s dining room and members receive complimentary access to the following events: Wisteria Lunch, Louisa Macdonald Oration Dinner, Alumnae Awards Dinner and the Alumnae Formal Dinner.

There is no minimum gift or age to become a member of the Voss Bequest Society; simply inform us that you have named The Women’s College as a beneficiary in your will. 

Honouring our legacy members

  • Sarah Hynes [Ladies Committee Member 1890]
  • Mary E Murray-Prior (BUNDOCK Ladies Committee Member)
  • Miss Louisa A Bundock [Friend of the College]
  • Hon James T Walker [Member of Council 1891-1923]
  • Ellie M Curnow [Friend of the College]
  • Alice Paterson [Friend of the College]
  • Annie E Gillam [Friend of the College]
  • Annie L Ingram [EDWARDS: 1910-1913]
  • Brenda A MITCHELL [1914-1918]
  • Dr Grace Johnston Browne [CUTHBERT: 1921-1922]
  • Millicent L Christian [LUCKETT: 1923-1926]
  • Lorna G WEBB [1923-1926]
  • Doris U SKYRING [1930-1934]
  • Jean G POCOCK [1935- 1938]
  • Lorna M Woodberry [EARL: 1939-1941]
  • Winifred (Vere) Hole [1941-1944]
  • Dr Helen B WILES [1941-1946]
  • Dr Ann Moyal OAM [HURLEY: 1943-1945]
  • Mary Stewart Newlinds AM [CAMPBELL: 1949-1953]
  • Judith Robinson-Valery [WHITE 1950-1953]
  • Helen J BATE [1955-1959]
  • Jane Sparke [SIPPE 1957-1959]
  • Linda Maree PIGGOTT [1974-1977]
  • Valerie R Street [Principal 1981-1989]
  • Samantha Sinclair [Friend of the College]
  • Brenda Jean Stevenson [Friend of the College]

We would also like to acknowledge those who wished to remain anonymous.


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