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The Women’s College Alumnae Association
The Association aims to promote and maintain a close link between the College and former students. Through personal contact, eNewsletters, the annual Women’s College Magazine, events and reunions we hope to help you stay connected.

The Association also provides a number of scholarships for daughters of alumnae attending the College. All past students are members of The Women’s College Alumnae Association.

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There are a number of ways for alumnae to participate in activities, support College, and connect with different members of our community. Opportunities include mentoring senior students in the annual Mentoring Program, joining the Alumnae Committee, being a guest speaker at events, or signing up to our Oral History Project. Please contact the Philanthropy Coordinator for more information.

Stay connected
The Women’s College Alumnae Committee regularly invites alumnae to meetings, reunions and events. We also welcome news on your career and personal achievements.

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The Women’s College Alumnae Committee 
All members of The Women’s College Alumnae Association are eligible to elect and vote for Committee Members at the Annual General Meeting held in July each year.

Lucinda Garling (2003-04) President  
Elizabeth Gilbert (TURNER: 2003-05) Vice-President
Victoria Harper (MORGAN: 1981-84) Treasurer
Romy Fung (2009-12) Secretary
Anna Davey (1982-87) Committee Member
Angela Frith (1984-87) Committee Member
Laura Hamilton (FRAGIACOMO: 1984-85) Committee Member
Lucy McDonald (2016-18) Committee Member
Rachel Peterson (1985-88) Committee Member

Contact the Committee (e) (t) +61 2 9517 5000.
Read the Women’s College Alumnae Association Constitution.
Contact The University of Sydney Alumni Relations Office and update your details with the University.