Student Scholarships

The Women’s College believes in providing opportunities for all women, regardless of personal circumstance or background.

With support from our alumnae and friends we can increase the number of scholarships available to ensure that The Women’s College is accessible to our highest quality students regardless of financial capabilities. A scholarship can help them achieve their full potential, now and into the future.

If you are considering making a large donation to the scholarship fund read through the scholarship endowment information and contact the philanthropy coordinator to discuss how your donation could best help future students.

You can give to the general scholarship fund, join the Pay it Forward Scholarship Program or donate to any of these named scholarships below.

Barbara Wright Scholarship- The Barbara Wright Scholarship was proposed and funded through donations from friends of Dr Barbara Anne Wright (O’DONNELL: 1953-58) in 2008. The Barbara Wright Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate rural student entering College.

Quentin Bryce Scholarship– The Quentin Bryce Scholarship was proposed by former students of the College that were here during her time as principal. The Scholarship was funded by former students and the wider College community in 2003. The scholarship is awarded to a senior student of College who has made a significant contribution to College.

Zonta Bicentennial Scholarship– The Zonta Club of Sydney’s Bicentenary project in 1987 was the provision of a scholarship tenable at The Women’s College for a female student, entering at least their second year of studies in a course related to Science or Technology.The scholarship was funded by members of the Zonta Club of Sydney. Members of the Zonta Club of Sydney still contribute to this scholarship today.

Katrina Dawson Scholarship– The Katrina Dawson Scholarship was proposed by the family of the late Katrina Dawson and funded by friends, family and the wider community in 2015. To ensure Katrina’s memory lives on you can donate to the Katrina Dawson Scholarship at the Women’s College.