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Scholarship Fund

The Women’s College provides opportunities for all women, regardless of personal circumstance or background.

With support from our alumnae and friends we can increase the number of scholarships available to ensure that The Women’s College is accessible to our highest quality students regardless of financial capabilities. A scholarship can help them achieve their full potential, now and into the future.

If you are considering making a large donation to the Scholarship Fund read through the scholarship endowment information or contact the Philanthropy Coordinator to discuss how your donation could best help future students.

You can give to the general Scholarship Fund or donate directly to these individual scholarships:

Women’s Leadership Scholarships – Launched in 2019, College endeavours to provide financial support to senior students of merit who are partially or fully self-funding.

Women’s College Indigenous Scholarship – Our Indigenous Scholarships are awarded to first year and returning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students.

Women’s College Scholarships – This discretionary fund enables access scholarships to be awarded to help bridge the gap between merit and need, ensuring a diverse College community.

Pay-it-Forward Scholarship Program – Established in 2013 by the student body, our PIF program encourages past scholarship recipients to pay forward by instalments, or by a single donation, the value of their scholarship to enable a new student to be the beneficiary of the original largesse.

Katrina Dawson Scholarship – Proposed by the family of the late Katrina Dawson, the Scholarship was funded by friends, family and the wider community in 2015. Each year the College hosts the Katrina Dawson Foundation Concert to bring the community together and raise funds.


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