Recollections of College days

Oral History Project

Since 2012, College has been collecting oral histories of our alumnae. Our Oral History Project aims to record and preserve the recollections of former College students and staff. The first stage consisted of interviews with alumnae as far back as the 1930s, to capture the memories of those who lived and worked at the College. The second stage of the OHP now focuses on participants’ life histories with a particular focus on experiences with the paid and voluntary workforce.

Here are a selection to listen to over a cup of tea:

  • Patricia Roby [MORRIS: 1940-1942]

“I got an exhibition to the University and I was offered a scholarship to the College, so poor little young girl from Newcastle came down and I’ve loved every minute since.”

  • Dr Ann Moyal AM [HURLEY: 1943-1945]

“She [Principal Camilla Wedgwood] was the first outstanding independent woman…that we had ever met.”

  • Margot Anthony AM [BUDD: 1949-1951] & Jennifer Hibbard [BUDD: 1952-1954]

“I was quite determined that no matter what else I did in life, for the next 3 years I was going to Women’s College.”


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