Door Plaques

Donate to College to add to this wonderful history project capturing who has lived in the rooms.  

A donation of $200 will be acknowledged with a plaque on a room of your choice – anywhere in the College. There have been over 120 door plaques made since launching the door plaque drive. Some alumnae have signed up to donate annually and receive a plaque on each of their College rooms, whilst others have donated to have a plaque made for a friend. This is a great gift idea for a friend or family member who loved College, or possibly a way to honour the memory of alumnae who have passed.

When filling out the online donation form select the New Langley Precinct Development. To organise the name and room for the plaque email Romy Fung.

You can take a look at the floor plans below to help you pin down a room.

The Women’s College Floor Plans