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Women’s College students attending our annual leaderships seminars spent the morning learning the secrets of the graduate recruitment panel last weekend when presenters Lucy Nowland (Executive Director, Human Capital Management, Goldman Sachs) and Chris Franklin (Partner and Principal Consultant, Advalore Partners) held their Employability Workshop at College.

Presenter Lucy Nowland and students at the Employability Workshop

Presenter Lucy Nowland (left) and students at the Employability Workshop

More than sixty students signed up to the workshop, which focussed on a range of topics including what makes an attractive candidate in the current graduate market, cover letter and CV writing skills, and interview techniques.

The presenters brought to the table a wealth of experience in recruitment to assist the students with high-level advice in strategic research and preparation for interviews, assessing the cultural fit of an organisation, how to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive job market, and understanding assessment processes and competency-based interview questions.

Students had the opportunity to hear a mock interview and to practice some of the techniques they had learned in interviewing each other.

Chris Franklin

Presenter Chris Franklin briefing students

“It was such a good opportunity to hear from people who are actually doing the recruitment and what they look for in a candidate,” said one student. “It has definitely given me more insights into how I can prepare myself for future job applications.”

The Women’s College Leadership Seminar series is held every Saturday in August, with students utilising their newfound skills in the College’s Open Day on Saturday 27 August.

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