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scholarsApplications for scholarships to Women’s College close at 5pm on Tuesday 4 October 2022 and prospective students to the College are encouraged to apply.

The College offers a range of scholarships to students from rural and regional areas and government schools, in addition to students from Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, post graduate medical students and students aiming to study at the Conservatorium of Music.

Scholarship applications are assessed on a number of criteria, principally merit (academic, leadership, community or school contribution) and financial need.

Matching scholarships are offered to students who receive an E12 scholarship offer, or an Elite Athlete Scholarship from the University of Sydney.

The Grace Frazer Award is an academic entrance prize given to the student or students who enter Women’s College in their first year of tertiary study directly from school with the highest ATAR in their College fresher cohort.

All scholars have access to our unique scholars’ program.

To apply, please visit the scholarships page.

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