Career Advantage

Each year Women’s College students in third year and above are invited to participate in a mentoring program which matches students with mentors from a range of industries sourced from both the Women’s College Alumnae and contacts external to College.

By tailoring mentoring relationships for our students, they gain an increased knowledge of their future job area. The program helps students obtain an understanding of the professional role they will play in an organisation; gives an insight into work culture; and provides valuable networking opportunities.
The College mentoring program is based on establishing personal contact between the mentor and the mentee. We encourage around three face-to-face meetings throughout the year, planned around the schedule of the mentor, combined with email and other informal contact. The time commitment for mentors in our program is minimal, however the benefits for the students are invaluable.
Faculty Dinners
The College is a centre for developing leadership in young women. Many distinguished alumnae are leaders in their fields around the world. The faculty dinners inspire, inform, and expose students to prominent role models. Discussion focuses on leadership and what it means to be of service in our careers and in the community.

Recent faculty dinners have included:
Women in Medicine
Women in Engineering
Women in Business
Women in Law

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