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The House Committee

All students living at the Women’s College are members of the Students Club, which gives access to all College activities. The House Committee, a group of thirteen students, is the organising arm of the Students Club.

The House Committee is elected by popular vote at the Students Club’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee meets on Monday nights through the semesters to discuss social, sporting, and cultural events at College. The House Committee Executive consists of the Senior Student, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer. Other positions held are: two intercollege representatives, one music and drama representative, one sports representative, one senior representative, one third-year representative, two second-year representatives and two first-year representatives.

The Executive

The Senior Student occupies the highest-ranking student position in the College. Usually a student in her third or fourth year, the Senior Student chairs the weekly House Committee meetings. As a member of the Women’s College Council the Senior Student reports on student activities to Council at its meetings throughout the year.

The College values the contribution of its Senior Student very highly. Each year her name is placed on the honour roll in the dining hall. Former Senior Students include the past Governor of NSW, Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir A.C., Dr Meg Mulvey and Ms Jane Diplock.

Honorary Secretary
The Secretary acts as deputy to the Senior Student. She prepares the papers for House Committee and General Meetings and keeps Minutes of all meetings. The Secretary also receives all House Committee correspondence and presents it for discussion at relevant meetings.

Honorary Treasurer
The Treasurer looks after the financial matters of the Students Club, receives money and pays accounts on its behalf. She keeps an updated list of all Club property, regularly informs the House Committee of income and outgoings, and prepares a financial report for the Students Club’s Annual General Meeting.

Principal and HC

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