“Paying forward” for the benefit of future students has the potential to create a self-sustaining scholarship fund which will ensure College remains accessible for students of merit, regardless of their economic circumstances.

In 2013 The Women’s College launched a new initiative instigated by the student body: the Pay-It-Forward scholarship program.

Pay-It-Forward encourages past scholarship holders to pay forward by installments, or by a single donation, the value of their own scholarship to enable a new student to be the beneficiary of the original largess.Numerous current scholarship holders have already pledged to pay forward their College scholarships in the future, when their working lives provide them with the financial capacity to donate back to the College.

In 2014 our first Pay-It-Forward supporter, Georgia Dawson, paid back the amount of her scholarship. Georgia was a Senior Student of the College in 1997. Georgia’s tremendous gift allowed for a current student of the College to have the same experience she was lucky enough to have. It is hoped that the recipient of the Scholarship afforded to her by Georgia’s generosity will one day, when able, continue the cycle and pay it forward again.

If you would like to join the current students in this philanthropic project, please go to the donation page and select the ‘Pay It Forward Scholarship Initiative’ option.