Supporting women since 1892

Why choose the Women’s College

The Women’s College is a globally connected, secular residential community of female scholars. It offers unrivalled opportunities for enhanced academic, cultural sporting and professional development. The College’s leading programs in mentoring, tutoring, internships, leadership, sport, culture and community service are what contribute to extending our students beyond their degree studies. Women’s College was first residential college for women in Australasia, and remains the premier institution for promoting female education and advancement.

There are so many areas of College life that provide significant opportunities and benefits for students to develop a life-wide education while studying for their degrees. These include tutorial programs that respond to the individual academic needs of our students, a sophisticated mentoring program for our older undergraduates and postgraduates that is a benchmark for other institutions, leadership opportunities within the House Committee structure, skill training sessions and corporate career development activities, internships within and external to the College, and access to leadership programs in Australia and overseas. Additionally there is a well-developed extra-curricular program which is important for a balanced education.

College life also promotes another critical component of life-wide learning: that of service to others. It is widely known that students involved in community service have higher academic grades and understand more deeply the society in which they live.