Academic Advantage

Women’s College has a reputation for academic excellence which is well deserved. The College has promoted scholarship for over 120 years and continues to nurture the academic life of its 280 students through a variety of programs and the inspiration provided by its diverse community of high-achieving women. Over the last decade more than one third of students at Women’s have completed each university year with a Distinction average (75%) or higher across all of their results.

A number of factors influence these consistently impressive results:

  • A strong culture of academic peer mentoring
  • Extensive tutorial program to assist students in all faculty and degree areas
  • Dedicated study space for senior and postgraduate students
  • Guidance provided by Resident Assistants and Academic Assistants ensures that students are well supported
  • Living on campus in close proximity to University facilities

Being at College for Honours was really important. There is a lot of support in so many different ways from staff, Resident Assistants and friends – people look out for you and there’s always someone around to listen and lend support. Felicity Kiln, Honours student 2014

College Tutorials

Each week throughout both semesters the College runs tutorials in more than fifty subjects, spanning the range of academic disciplines. Most tutors are senior or postgraduate students or University staff with expertise in their fields and proven teaching skills.

Academic Assistants

Academic Assistants are resident postgraduates and senior undergraduates who mentor the first-year students at College studying in their discipline, and assist them with the transition to university study. They meet with the students informally and give advice and encouragement as well as excellent academic support.

Leadership Program

Students who are interested in developing their leadership skills have the opportunity to participate in a structured in-house leadership program designed to enhance individual strengths and build on confidence so students feel equipped to take on a College leadership role either on House Committee or as a Resident Assistant. Leadership programs also assist with career readiness.