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The Women’s College invites applications from female students wishing to become a resident and/or an affiliate (day student). Students who are accepted into the College must be studying full time at the University of Sydney, and may be in any year of their undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Many students enter College as “freshers” in the first year of their university studies, and most stay for the duration of their degrees and often into their Masters or other postgraduate programs.

The College strives to maintain diversity in its student body, attracting scholars from different backgrounds, with different talents, doing different degrees. Students come from rural and regional areas, from interstate, overseas, and from within Sydney. It is the diversity of the College which makes it such a dynamic community.

Women’s has a long history of providing a welcoming and happy home for its students along with the added advantages of high quality complementary programs which enhance the tertiary experience. These include:

  • Academic Assistant Program – designed specifically to help freshers transition from school to university
  • Resident Assistant Program – developed to provide relevant pastoral care and guidance to all students
  • Mentoring Program – assists older students with trialling career options
  • Professional Development Programs – centred on personal development and career readiness
  • Internship Program – exclusive opportunities for Women’s students to access internships across a range of professions
  • Postgraduate scholarship – provides information sessions and faculty briefings.


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